Friday, July 18, 2014

"Imperfect" four issue mini-series live on Kickstarter july 17th 2014

IMPERFECT, a four issue mini-series we've done with writer Al Letson is out through Kickstarter july 17th 2014.

IMPERFECT is the story of Eve Barber: an average kid, until puberty hits and everything starts to change. Her parents die in a freak accident, a war breaks out between mad scientists and religious zealots, her body transforms in what she feels are hideous ways, and her extraordinary powers manifest. 

Here's some artwork and a link to go get it (and share if you like it)

Eve can create avatars. They are five individuals that can go out and experience the world for her: her parents, her best friend, the boy she loves and the girl she resents. Eve can't control the Avatars-- they have a mind of their own. But they've found a way to work together... to become a family.