Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A sketch, back from NYCC

I just got back from New York Comic-Con. I saw many of these Ghost Rider comics from the 70's in the bargain boxes; they are not very rare. I always loved those "gritty" Marvel Comics from the 70's. Ghost Rider is Evel Knievel with a flaming hat. I love the fact he uses a very real motorcycle, not a demonic-magic powered thing from hell, but a motorcycle with a motor and exhaust and bolts. Imagine his mechanic saying "We are going to have to replace those filters, Mr. Ghost Rider. I don't think you can raise hell again until next tuesday, we have lots of work." And Son of Satan. You know, his Dad was not available, so we got the son, this are his adventures, he goes by the very subtle name of Daimon Hellstrom. What does he look like? Well, he is a red-headed, middle-aged body builder with a cape and he wears his speedos over a pair of leg-warmers.

I also met Jim Steranko, he is the nicest guy in the universe. Closely followed by Jimmy Palmiotti. Let them share the title.

Here's a sketch I did inspired in those amazing demonic 70's Marvel comics. Actually, one of the very first comics I read was a Ghost Rider/Son of Satan thing featured in Herois da TV #15, a brazilian comic anthology I got in a family trip. That is another story.

Friday, October 5, 2012

LOGOUT (graphic novel); English Language Preview.

A little english language preview of LOGOUT, the graphic novel I did with Sergi Puertas's amazing script.
Soon out on Editores de Tebeos in Spain.